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Dr Rosemary Leonard will be answering your health related question in a video question and answer session. If you have a question you would like to ask Dr. Rosemary Leonard email her at She will then choose a select amount of questions to answer. To get a feel for some of the type of questions you can ask watch some previous Q&A sessions here.

Please remember that any questions answered will appear in videos and as such will be placed on this site as well as YouTube and Facebook.


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  • Dear Dr Leonard I too would like to know the dating site referred to in Woman and Home.

    Many thanks

    Brenda Morton
    brenda morton
  • Been reading the article in Woman and Home about Dr Rosemary meeting her husband on a dating web site and would be interested to know which web site it was.
  • Please check the NHS website for cramp as a common
    side effect of using inhalers. Today in the Daily Express
    you tell a lady that it is highly unlikey that her inhalers are
    causing her cramp. That is incorrect. You go on to say she
    might have thyroid problems.
  • Hi
    You recently did a bit on the BBC Breakfast programme reference Cramp, and the various vitamins that may alleviate the condition. Sadly I only caught the end of it, and couldn't find any reference on the BBC Breakfast website nor have received an answer from them. I have Quinine Sulphate tablets which seem useless (and I believe aren't recommended as I also take Amlodipine; though 12 hours plus apart). A rehash of the vitamins, 4 I believe, would be most appreciated as it can cripple me on occasions.
    Many thanks
    Richard Levett
  • I have just read Dr. Rosemary's article about meeting her husband on an Internet Dating Site. I lost my husband suddenly 3 years ago and would like to know the one she used, from safety reasons. Thank you. Roslynn Garner-Gatley
    roslynn garner-gatley
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