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news: Sound advice to check out a lump


'My five-year-old daughter has developed a lump on the top of her head. She has been referred for an ultrasound scan “just to be on the safe side”. What does this mean and should I be worried?' More

Nil by mouth instruction holds water

news: Nil by mouth instruction holds water


In April 2012 it was reported that research showed it could be harmful to make elderly people have nothing to eat or drink for hours before and after surgery. What is the situation now? More

How to get rid of stubborn calluses

news: How to get rid of stubborn calluses


I have suffered from hard skin on the ball of my right foot for a number of years. Have you any suggestions please? More


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Doctor's Notes: 'There have been times when I've really had to stifle a giggle.'


Dr Rosemary talks about entering more risqué territory with her new book 'Doctor's Notes' and shares some of the most memorable stories. Watch

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Crisis in the NHS funding


Dr Rosemary responds to Clare Gerada's letter to the Guradian. More


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