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Botox, haemorrhoids and pain-relief

news: Botox, haemorrhoids and pain-relief


Botox injections are being used in an increasing range of medical condition. More

Dealing with back pain and clinical trials

news: Dealing with back pain and clinical trials


Dr Rosemary says back pain is common in older people. More

Hearing aids and aspirin doses

news: Hearing aids and aspirin doses


Modern hearing aids are much smaller and far less obtrusive says Dr Rosemary. More


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Doctor's Notes: 'There have been times when I've really had to stifle a giggle.'


Dr Rosemary talks about entering more risqué territory with her new book 'Doctor's Notes' and shares some of the most memorable stories. Watch

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Doctor's Notes: A new book from Dr Rosemary


Get ready for more marvellously mysterious tales from a GP's office! More



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